A game about fending off ghosts to save the magic cube.


Move shield - WASD / Arrow Keys 

Go to menu - Esc


Music - ghost choir - Louie Zong

Fonts-LCD Solid Font - LCD Solid

GMTK logo - PJBgamer

the name is an inside joke


cheeky-chappies-jam-version.zip 2 MB


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I reached 4000 and then gave up and realized there is no new message :(
btw the name is amazing XD the meme that very few ppl no about

I just had such a good time playing! Ended up at 3400 and proud haha


reminds me a little of the Undyne fight from Undertale haha


You certainly know how to make people play even silly game.. Just tell them not to play it :)

The game wouldn't load in the web browser